House Rules

Since there seems to be a lot of family/spouse swap up in here: If you become a member of a new family, or are married into another clan and take that as your name, you have the option to swap your original family trait bonus for your new family trait bonus (naturally, this is pretty beneficial to ronin).

A samurai should not concern himself with money… but sometimes you really need to buy a new kimono. So for purposes of that, you get your kit’s normal money at the beginning of each session.

New Character Options

New Advantages and Disadvantages
Exactly what it says on the tin.

New Tattoos
Ink for the ink Fortunes.

New Kata
Fighting with shadows.

Skill Changes
More ways to gain Insight than you can shake a bo at.

Favor Chart


Crab Schools

Crane Schools

Dragon Schools

Lion Schools

Mantis Schools

Phoenix Schools

Scorpion Schools

Unicorn Schools

Imperial Schools

Ronin Schools


Dramatic Wounds
An optional house rule for more dramatic samurai life and death, inspired by 7th Sea (1st Edition)

Dojo Rules
Fear does not exist in this dojo.

House Rules

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