Natsumi Miyako (Saya)

Black-brown hair, light skin, short


Basic Information

Name: Natsumi Miyako
Clan: Mantis
School: Tsuruchi Archer School (Bushi)
Insight: 200
Insight Rank: 4
Experience: 10

Rings and Traits

Air 4
-Awareness 4
-Reflexes 4

Earth 3
-Stamina 3
-Willpower 3

Fire 3
-Agility 3
-Intelligence 3

Water 3
-Strength 3
-Perception 3

Void 3

Miscellaneous Info

Initiative: 6k4 (3 for using bow)
Armor TN: 30
Attackroll (bow): 9k4 (
Damage (bow): 5k2 (+2k0)
Honor: 5.7
Glory: 2
Status: 5.5
Shadowland Taint: .3


  • Athletics 2
  • Defense 3
  • Hunting 3
  • Investigation 3
  • Kyujustu (Yumi) 7
  • Lore: Heraldry 1
  • Jiujutsu 3
    Coourtier 3
    Etiquette 3
    Meditation 2
    Kenjutsu 3
    Artisan Painting 1

Advantages and Disadvantages

Blood of Osano
Dangerous Beauty
Inner Gift: Lesser Prophecy
*Hunted by Kage Kaze

Bad Fortune: Evil Eye
Phobia (still no clue what)

School Techniques

Always Be Ready
The Tsuruchi Archer must be prepared to fight against his foes with little warning. You gain a bonus of +1ko to the total of all attack rolls while using a bow. Additionally, you gain a bonus of +3 to your Initiative Score.

The Arrow Knows the Way
The Tsuruchi must not aim, but simply allow the arrows to follow its own path. You gain a Free Raise that can be used to make the Called Shot Maneuver. Additionally, you gain a bonus of +2k0 to the total of all damage rolls while using a bow.

The Wasp’s Sting
Tsurchi’s technique teaches its students uncanny speed. You may make any attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action when using a bow.

Flight of No-Mind
The true archer does not concern himself with the arrow, but exist only to loose it. Once per skirmish, you may spend a Void Point as a Complex Action to shoot an arrow that knows exactly where it must go. This attack ignores all effects of armor, as well as any penalties from Wounded Ranks or visibility. You may make Raises but you cannot perform the Extra Attack Maneuver for this attack.
*You may not shoot a target that is further than your bow’s normal range with this Technique.

Rank 5 – In da book

Rank 6
The Way of the Archer

Tsuruchi was perhaps the greatest archer in the history of Rokugan, and is final technique pushes the limits of what can be achieved with the bow. When using a bow, your range is increased by 150’ (this is applied before applying the 50% range bonus for Kyujutsu Rank 5). Your Raises with a bow are no longer limited by your Void Ring (or Skill Rank if you have Great Potential), and you may perform Called Shots for half the normal number of Raises (rounded up).


  • Coin purse
  • Fan
  • Grapple hook
  • Mask
  • Rope
  • Small tent
  • Smoking pipe
  • Spare kimono and shoes
  • Tatami mat
  • Week’s rations

The Game of Twenty Questions

  • What Clan does she belong to?
    The Mantis Clan
  • What family does she belong to?
    The Natsumi family
  • Is she a Bushi, Shuegenja, Monk, or Courtier?
  • How would others describe her appearance?
    Having Dangerous Beauty, she is quite stunning and pleasing to look at. She keeps her long dark hair either down or tied on top of her head. She is short, standing at 5’5 with light skin. Her eyes are the color of emeralds except one is drained of color, giving her an Evil Eye. No one seems to mind it, though.
  • What is her main motivation?
    To find her cousin, whoever he might be, and put him on his rightful place as the Emperor.
  • Who is the person she trusts most?
    Her father.
  • What is her greatest strength and weakness?
    Strength: Kyujustu
    Weakness: Lecherous
  • What does she think of Bushido?
  • What is her opinion of her own Clan?
  • Is she married?
    Was….f***ing prick.
  • Does she have any prejudices?
  • To whom does she owe the most loyalty?
    The Emperor.
  • What are her favorite and least favorite things?
    Saya likes to drink (a lot), flirt with people, and have a good time.
  • Does she have any recurring mannerisms?
    She plays with strands of her hair when she’s upset or deep in thought. Chewing on her lips means either she’s nervous or trying to focus hard on a task. When she readies her bow, she sucks in a deep breath, holds it in, and as she releases the arrow, she exhales slowly. She bites the inside of her cheek when she gets angry.
  • What about her emotions?
  • How would she handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
    She would kindly point it out, telling them that that is not the way someone of a higher station should act.
  • How would her parent’s describe her?
    Her mother died during childbirth so she wouldn’t really know her. Her father would say that she is a beautiful Bushi that will do good in the world.
  • What is his highest ambition?
    She seeks to see the true Son of Heaven on the throne and serve under him.
  • How religious is she?
  • How will your character die?
    SURPRISE! That’s how. Not a bull crap way either. Just unexpecting.

Natsumi Miyako (Saya)

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