Kasuga Masaomi


Rank 4
Insight 215

Earth 3

  • Stamina 3
  • Willpower 3

Water 3

  • Strength 3
  • Perception 3

Air 3

  • Reflexes 3
  • Awareness 3

Fire 3

  • Agility 3
  • Intelligence 3

Void 3

Honor: 2
Glory: 3.6
Infamy: 1
Status: 2.5
Taint: 0.7
XP: 234
Unspent XP: 0

Clan Tortoise
Family Kasuga
School Kasuga Smuggler


Rank 1: Way of the Tortoise – Do NOT lose Honor for Low Skills. Do NOT lose Glory for Commerce in public. All dealings with Heimin or Hinin gain +2k0 to Social Skills.

Rank 2: The Shell of the Tortoise – Any clan or Imperial samurai who physically attacks or openly slanders me without provocation by me immediately loses Honor equal to 2x my School Rank.

Rank 3: (Tortoise Killers) The Poisoned Frog – Once per opponent per skirmish can spend a Void Point during an attack roll to cause Raises for damage to get 1k1 instead of 1k0. Raises are limited by Void Rank.

Rank 4: (Tortoise Guard) The Path of One – Simple Action with non-Samurai melee weapons, +1k0 damage with Peasant weapons.

Rank 5: The Tortoise Smiles – max raises on the six specified School Skills are not limited by Void. A number of times equal to Void Ring, gain +5k0 with any School Skills.

School Skills

  • Commerce – 1
  • Etiquette – 3 ( +3 Insight)
  • Investigation (Notice) – 2
  • Lore: Underworld – 2
  • Sincerity (Deceit) – 3
  • Stealth – 4
  • Courtier – 7 ( +1k0 to all contested rolls, +10 Insight)

Other Skills

  • Athletics (Throwing) – 5 (No movement penalties due to terrain)
  • Knives (Jitte) – 5 (No off-hand penalty, Free Raise to Disarm with Sai and Jitte)
  • Staves (Tonfa) – 5 (Armor bonuses are NOT doubled vs. staves, Free Raise to Knockdown)
  • Meditation – 3 (restore up to 2 Void Points)
  • Forgery (Documents) – 3 ( +1k0 to establish TN for detection)
  • Sleight of Hand (Conceal) – 2
  • Calligraphy – 1
  • Sailing – 3
  • Defense – 2
  • Kenjutsu – 1


Imperial Spouse (Seppun) 5 – +0.5 Status, +1k1 Social Skills with Imperial families.

Read Lips – Perception Trait Roll 15+5 per 20 feet away

Silent – +1k0 all Stealth rolls

Social Position – Member of the Empress’ Court

Avindi Language


Ascetic 2 – receive half Glory

Bad Fortune: Evil Eye 3 – One of your eyes is discolored. People avoid looking you in the eyes at all costs, and some believe
your very presence invites evil spirits.

Infamous 2 – Starting Glory is replaced with equal level Infamy

Failure of Bushido (Honesty) 3 – Can’t spent Void Points on Sincerity rolls with the Honesty Emphasis

Obligation 3 – Indebted to the Mantis Clan. Must honor debt with full attention even at the expense of my own ruination.

Sworn Enemy – Hantei Okucheo

Initiative 7k3


Tonfa 8k3
damage 4k3

Jitte 8k3
damage 4k1

Kama 8k3
damage 4k2

Wakizashi 4k3
damage 2k2

Ashigaru Armor +3 TN, Reduction 1

TN 23 (27 while Dual-Wielding)

Extravagant Clothing
Ashigaru Armor
Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat
Obi Pouch – Small Knife, Small hand mirror, Flint & Steel
Coin Purse – empty
Furoshiki Sack – Calligraphy Set, Bottle of Shochu, Spare Kimono and Sandals, Tatami Mat, Blanket, Cooking Pot, Chopsticks
Amulet to disguise as Avindi


My ancestor saved the life of a paragon from a Great Clan family. That family has looked out for my line since that time and recently arranged for my marriage to a member of the Imperial families. I gain the Imperial Spouse Advantage, but am under a 3-Point Obligation to the family who arranged the marriage.

Ally – Bayushi Yojiro

Favor – Mantis Clan
Favor – Imperial Family


Kasuga Masaomi

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