Daigotsu Arashi


Arashi (Meaning – Storm)
Male; 5’10”; 20 years; 155lb; Green Eyes; Black Hair
Clan: None, Ronin
School: Ronin Warrior Bushi School
Rank: 2
Experience Points: 8
Insight: 168

Air: 3
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3

Earth 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3

Fire: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2

Water: 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 3

Void: 2

Honor: 7.8
Glory: 3.1
Infamy: 0.5
Status: 0 (4.5 with Magistrate Identification)
Shadowland Taint: 0

Skills – Rank – Trait – Roll – Emphases & Mastery Abilities
Athletics – 3 – 3 – 5k3 – RANK 3: Moderate Terrain no longer impedes movement, and movement
across Difficult Terrain reduces the character’s Water Ring by 1 instead of 2.
Artisan (Painting) – 1 – 3 – 4k3 –
Artisan (Poetry) – 1 – 3 – 4k3 –
Battle – 1 – 3 – 4k3 –
Commerce – 1 – 2 – 3k2 –
X – Defense – 3 – 3 – 6k3 – RANK 3: The character may retain the result of a previous
Defense/Reflexes roll rather than make a new roll if the Full Defense Stance is being maintained in
subsequent rounds.
Etiquette – 2 – 3 – 5k3 –
X – Hunting – 2 – 3 – 5k3 –
X – Iaijutsu – 4 – 3 – 7k3 – RANK 3: Readying a katana is a Free Action rather than a Simple Action.
X – Investigation – 3 – 3 – 6k3 – RANK 3: A second attempt to use the Search Emphasis may be made
without an increase in the original TN.
X – Jinjutsu – 2 – 3 – 5k3 –
X – Kenjutsu (Katana) – 5 – 3 – 8k3 – RANK 3: The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is
increased by 1k0. RANK 5: A sword may be readied as a Free Action rather than a Simple Action.
X – Kyujutsu – 2 – 3 – 5k3 –
Lore (Bushido) – 2 – 2 – 4k3 –
Lore (Heraldry) – 2 – 2 – 4k3 –
Lore (Law) – 1 – 2 – 3k2 –
Meditation – 1 – 2 – 3k2 –
Sincerity – 1 – 3 – 4k3 –
Stealth – 3 – 3 – 6k3 – RANK 3: A character’s Simple Move Actions while using Stealth allow him to
move a distance equal to his Water x 5.

Initiative: 5k3
Armor TN: Ashigaru / +3 = 23
Reduction: 1

Healthy 15
Nicked 21
Grazed 27
Hurt 33
Injured 39
Crippled 45
Down 51
Out 57

Rate of Wound Heal: 12

Weapon – Attack Roll – Damage Roll – Bonus – Notes
Katana – 8k3 – 7k2 – 0 – Can spend Void Points to add 1k1 to damage.
Wakizashi – 8k3 – 6k2 – 0 – Can throw 20’
Yumi Bow (Str 3) – 5k3 – See Below – 0 –
Tanto – 3k3 – 4k1 – 0 – Unskilled

Arrow – Damage – Quantity
Armor Piercing – 4k1 – 10
Flesh Cutter – 5k3 – 10
Humming Bulb – 3k1 – 0
Rope Cutter – 4k1 – 0
Willow Leaf – 5k2 – 10

3 – Quick Healer (Stamina counts as 2 ranks higher for healing checks)
2 – Strength of the Earth (lower wound TN penalties by -3)
2 – Magic Resistance (+3 to TN to affect me with normal magic
3 – Virtuous
2 – Hero of the People
0 – Haunted by Nishari (When ever you gain honor gain an additional +.1, when ever you lose honor double the loss)

3 – Social Disadvantage (Ronin)
4 – Unlucky (2 Ranks)
1 – Phobia (Spiders)
1 – Phobia (Badgers)
1 – Phobia (Scorpions)

X – Rank 1 Technique: The Wolf’s Technique – The wolf is merciless when attacked. If you are declared the target of an attack, you gain + 1k1 to your attack or damage roll versus that opponent each round. You must declare which roll is receiving this bonus die at the beginning of your turn each combat round. This Technique may apply to only one opponent per round, but may be switched from one to another each round as long as each opponent has declared you the target of an attack.

X – Rank 2 Technique: Punish the Arrogant – A ronin survives only if he is quick to react to what happens around him. If wounded by an opponent, you receive a bonus to your Initiative equal to the number of Wound you suffered. This bonus applies only to the round immediately following the round in which you were wounded. If, during that round, you attack the opponent who wounded you, you roll + 2k0 to your attack rolls against them. This is in addition to the bonus granted above.

Rank 3 Technique: Desparate Speed – A ronin’s desperate struggle for survival gives him strength and speed in times of stress. You may make attacks as a Simple Action rather than a Complex Action.

Rank 4 Technique: The Killing Strike – The ronin’s fighting style is fluid, and he can adapt his stance depending upon the style of those he faces. When spending a Void Point to modify the damage roll of a katana, you gain + 2k2 rather than + 1k1.

Rank 5 Technique: None Shall Overcome – Every second of combat threatens a ronin’s life, and so he strives to kill his enemies the moment he draws his blade. When making any attack roll, you may voluntarily sacrifice rolled dice for kept dice. For example, if you would 6k2 for your attack, you may choose to roll 2 fewer attack dice and keep two more, rolling 4k4. You must declare how many dice you lose and gain in this manner before rolling your attack.

Equipments – T or H (T= Carried, H= At Home)
Koku: 33, Bu: 4, Zeni: 5
Ashigaru Armor – T
Light Armor – H
Father’s Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi) – H
Fine Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi) – T
Bow, Yumi – T
Tanto – T
18 Arrow, Armor Piercing – T
18 Arrow, Flesh Cutter – T
3 Arrow, Humming Bulb – T
3 Arrow, Rope Cutter – T
18 Arrow, Willow Leaf – T
Sturdy Clothing (Hakama, Kataginu, Kimono, Sandals, Traveling Cloak) – T
Kimono – T
Sandals – T
Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat – T
2 Blanket – T
2 Bottle, Water – T
2 Chopsticks – T
2 Coin Purse – T
Daisho Stand – T
Fishing Kit – T
Flint & Steel – T
Furoshiki Sack – T
Grappling Hook – T
Medicine Kit (10 uses) – T
Mirror, Glass – T
Paper, Sheet (5)
Parchment, Sheet (10) – T
Charcoal (10) – T
Pot, Iron – T
Rope, Silk (50’) – T
2 Small Knife – T
Spices, Small Bottle (5 bu) – T
Tatami Mat – T
Whetstone – T
Writing Box – T
2 Origami Flowers (gifts from monk) – T
Finger of Jade (7 days) – T
21 Travel Rations (1 meal) – T


Ronin Heritage
6 – Honorable Past
8 – Heroic Deed
8 – Sage! Your ancestor was a great and wise shugenja, who created many strange and powerful spells. If you are a shugenja, gain an extra spell of your choice. If you are a bushi, gain one rank of Magic Resistance.

Arashi’s Background
New Background Material is bold.

I was born under an unlucky star. A star of greatness and triumph, but very unlucky as well.
I was born to a commoner woman and a traveling ronin. Kouri and Karuta by name. So my birth into the samurai caste was recorded at the nearest temple. My parents giving me the name Chokichi meaning good fortune. Little did they know, did anyone know how wrong they were.
On the morning of my third day of life my mother woke to find my father cold, dead, and bone white laying next to her in bed. I of course don’t remember him nor his subsequent cremation by funeral pyre. This of course was only the beginning of my dark luck.
On my first birthday a flood washed the village of my birth from the land. So complete was the devastation, with the deaths of two-thirds of the villagers and no building left standing that everyone decided to leave and begin somewhere new.
The next four years of my life were most likely the luckiest I have had though I remember little of that time in my life. Everything changed during my fifth year.
It began with my sister who was four years my senior. Unlike me her father had been a commoner. As she had grown older she became increasingly angry that she had to live as commoner, but that I could increase my lot in life. This finally manifested with an attack by my nine year old sister in the dead of night with a large heavy stick. She woke me with a strike to the head followed quickly by several strikes to my groin. She then went to work on my body and limbs. My cries of pain of course woke my mother who stopped her, but not before breaking and arm my nose, cracking my femur, and blackened my right eye. Mother punished her severely of course, but my wounds were far worse. It did not help the situation as I could see the hatred burning in my sisters eyes when she looked at me. It also taught her to lash out at me when mother was not there to protect me. A stick became her customary way of waking me when she thought she could get away with it. These beatings were not as severe as that first one though, they still left me battered and bruised.
During my sixth year a storm came to our village while we children were at play. We all ran for home as the storm rolled in. I remember being slowed by a limp, an injury brought on by a beating by my sister that morning. I don’t remember much of what happened next. A sheet of complete whiteness followed by a convulsion and a burning sensation. I was there before someone other than my sister found me. I was found some sixty feet from where the bolt of lightning had struck me with my sister standing over me grinning in undisguised elation. It took me several weeks in bed to recover. It wasn’t all bad though. With my mother watching over me I did not suffer a beating from my sister for nearly three whole weeks.
The beating from my sister grew in frequency as my mother watched over me less as I grew older. Things became so much worse during my seventh year. My sister sold me to a ronin shugenja with a taste for young boys. For the sum of but one koku he got me. Over the next eight days he used my ass, spraying his warm seed inside me. When I was to injured to continue there my mouth was just as good. The beating he gave me were not as bad as my sister were to my partial relief. On the night after the eighth day a magistrate and several samurai found me after pursuing the shugenja. My wounds were tended and I was returned to my mother. The shugenja committed seppuku before he could be captured. My sister was sent to live with my aunt.
After that my life was different. No more beatings and mother and I fell into a comfortable routine. One day while I was exploring I found and old mine shaft. Being a curious eight year old by this point I went in. The mine was dark. I only went in about thirty feet when the ceiling collapsed on me. When I woke I was cold, hungry, and thirsty. My left are and leg were pinned and my head hurt. I called out but I doubt I could be heard by anyone. I don’t know how long I lay there in the darkness hoping my mother would come and save me. To take me home where I would again be warm and safe. I did not know what was happening but it grew harder and harder to breath, and I was so sleepy. I kept hearing strange noises. Now I know it was the sound of my rescuers digging. I must have passed out because when I awoke I was in my own bed with a broken arm and leg. It took me a long while to recover.
During my ninth year I realized I was happy living there with my mother. The happiest I have ever been.
During that year a dozen Unicorn samurai came and stayed in our village for a few days. I like most of the village children were eager to find out about these exotic people. We even went to the stables to look at their unusual horse. We all climbed up on the rails of the stalls to see better. The horse grew alarmed by nearly two dozen children seaming to surround them and they started kicking. One such kick shook the rail and I fell into the stall. I remember the screams of children and horses, and the beating thud of hooves pounding all around me and into me. I awoke three days later and decided to give horses the respect they deserve.
Soon after my tenth birthday we received word that my aunt had died, and my sister would be returning home. I was excited and hopeful that we could finally be returning home. I was excited and hopeful that we could finally be a family. So I decided to give my sister a home coming gift after many hours I decided the only gift I could afford was to write her a poem. It was my first poem. I wrote about the bond between siblings and the love family could have for each other. I worked for more than a day on that first poem.
When she arrived mother and I greeted her warmly and I quickly presented her with my gift. She looked at it for a moment, then read it. She gave me a cold courteous thank you and as soon as mother wasn’t looking pointedly tossed it into the mud. I was devastated.
I had worked so hard on the poem, only for it to not be a good enough gift. Bowing low I apologized with all my being for offending her with an inferior gift. I promised to write her a poem worthy of being a gift. She just sneered at me.
Over the next three day I wrote more than a dozen poems as gifts. Each one received a sneer and was thrown into the mud or fire. Each time I apologized. I am grateful to my sister for awakening in me my love of poetry.
On the third day of unsuccessfully writing a proper poem she told me that she wanted a different gift. For us to go for a walk to some of the local hot springs, but she moved past the usual pools and walked further until we came to a pool bubbling fiercely, Far to hot to be used. Standing at the edge of the pool my sister called me over to see something in the pool. When I bent over to see my sister pushed me into the pool. I screamed as the scalding water instantly cooked my skin. I crawled out of the pool, my skin pulling and tearing off of me in sheets. I lay there with steam rising off of me shaking with the intense pain. My sister stood over me smiling saying this was a much better gift as she turned and walked away.
After a time I was able to make it back to the village. A shugenja passing through the village healed my cooked and torn skin, but I still have scaring on my lower legs. I was weak for weeks after that. I could not bring myself to tell my mother the truth of what had happened. It would have broken her heart.
I gave my sister a wide berth after that, until a few months later when she said she had found something wonderful in the woods. She did not offer to show it to me, thus baiting her hook. I fell right into her trap, asking her to show me what she had found. She made me promise to never tell anyone about it before we went. I unwisely agreed. In the forest we made our way to a clump of very dense trees. There I saw a massive nest of spider webs. It had to be twenty feet in diameter with hundreds of visible spiders. I had never seen these type of spiders before or since, but knew there had to be a thousand or more of these spiders in the nest. My sister climb up a nearby tree that overhung the nest. She said you could see down into it from up there. So up I went, and almost as soon as I got over the center of the nest, down I went as my sister shoved me from the tree.
I crashed through the top of the web nest. Hundreds of spiders quickly started stinging and swarming me. My wild screams echoed through the forest along with my sister’s laughter. It took me several long moments of wild scrambling to fight my way free of the nest, and several more minutes of wildly swatting and rolling to get the swarm to retreat. I was covered in spider bites and could already feel the venom going to work. I started running for the monk that lived in the village. I knew his herbs could cure poisons. I vaguely remember pounding on his door and him opening it.
Under his care the venom did not kill me, but I was so very weak I could not get out of bed. There were three bites however that didn’t heal right. They grew large and purple, swelling up painfully. Almost three weeks after getting bitten they grew very very painful, and I thought I kept feeling a crawling sensation under my skin. That night we understood why as the three wounds burst open to release a dozen or so spiders each. The whole village was awoken in the dead of night by my screams of pain and terror.
They had to cut the tiny nest wounds open and burn the spiders out with oil. I still remember the pain. The scars of slightly indented wounds on my right shoulder, inner thigh, and my left lower back remain as constant reminders of the experience. I spent my eleventh birthday in bed recovering.
My sister became more erratic as the months passed. One night as mother was cooking dinner she came in with my father’s Wakizashi. I asked her what she was doing with it and she stabbed me in the shoulder. I grabbed the blade so she could not strike again and took several blows to the head for it. Mother came at her from behind. My sister turned on her releasing the weapon screaming that mother loved me more than her. I pulled it free as my mother was shoved to the ground. My sister turned back to face me as I lashed out opening my sisters throat to the bone. I looked at her stunned face for a moment then buried my blade into her chest. I looked deep into her eyes with tears welling in my own and told her I was sorry.
My mother was overcome with great sadness, after the funeral she just went through the motions. It was also a bad time for the land as the bad harvest was causing food shortages. People started hording food. Soon after my twelfth birthday a group of people came looking for food. A dozen men ransacked our home looking for food. They found our meager stores and demanded more. We had no more, and they soon figured that out. Enraged by the small amount of food we had they barricaded us in our home and set it aflame. The smoke was choking as the flames ate hungrily at everything around us. Mother led me to my father’s heavy wooden chest. Using it like a battering ram we broke down our own front door. The act also caused the weakened structure to collapse onto us. I could make out my mother was unhurt, but down. I was covered in burning debris. It took me several moments to work my way free, with the flames licking my flesh causing it to sizzle and pop like a roasting pig. I scrabbled free of the flames, but my left side from neck to hip including my arm were horribly burned. I will carry the burn scars for the rest of my days.
The spring and summer where very hard on us. We found little food and our home was gone. The cave we lived in did nothing to step us from starving. Mother sank into an even deeper sadness, and took to carrying a sharp cooking knife. I worried for her everyday. One morning I woke to a sharp gasp from my mother. Going to her I could see that she had cut her wrists. I scrambled to find a way to stop the bleeding. She pulled me to her stopping my efforts. She told me of how much she loved me. She forced me to promise on my honor to butcher her and eat. Her last act was to give everything to me, her son so that I might live. I am forever certain of her love for me. So I ate, I survived.
Being on my own was hard, but I did okay by being smart and careful. Sometimes that is not enough.
I was on a fishing trip when I heard a crashing sound off to one side. As I turned I was stuck stunning me for several minutes. As my senses returned I realized I was pinned under a fallen tree, its bulk lay firmly across my abdomen. I tried everything I could to get free, but I just could not budge the weight without help. As night fell I heard the movement of animals in the forest. Thinking me an easy meal they came. That first night was long but my thrashing and waving of a heavy stick kept me safe. By morning I was exhausted and fell into a fitful sleep. I woke when a badgers teeth sank into my right leg. His teeth sank deep as I thrashed and waved the stick. The tree I was under prevented a solid strike. I felt my flesh rip away as the badger tore a chunk from my leg. I screamed out, and knew I should not have. Other animals in the forest would hear my cries of pain and distress, and they would come looking for a meal. My thrashing must have done something as the badger fled with its meat snack. By the end of the day I was exhausted, hungry, and thirsty. I also knew I could not sleep. I had been feeling the familiar sensation of crawling insects. They were in the wound feasting on my flesh. The badger or another returned that night. I was beginning to be delirious from lack of water and my wound. The badgers maw found a piece of my right arm, but My stick attacks once again drove it away.
It came back just before dawn and brought a friend with it. They each attacked a leg in unison and I could hardly fight in my weakened state. Each took two bites before retreating. I knew I would not survive another encounter. They returned at mid-morning both circling me looking for a juicy place to sink their teeth in. I was sure I was a goner when a passing girl from the next village found me. She drove off the hungry badgers and helped free me.
Her name was Rena and I stayed with her and her older sister Mion while I healed. I grew to love each as a dear friend. Their parents had died a few years earlier so it was only them. I moved in and we lived happy for almost a year.
One day a man arrived claiming that he had worked for my father. He said I was the only living heir and that his estate now belonged to me. Rena and Mion came with me to my new life. I should have known better.
The estate was small, tiny even compared to most samurai estates, but to me it was lavish. I had several loyal servants and a modest but adequate fortune.
I lived in the house for only seven days. An imperial magistrate arrived with no less than fifty samurai. They seized everything save a small portion of the fortune, and put the house to the torch. The servants of my father’s house had begun using Maho magic. They had taken it up in the years of my fathers absence. Once the magistrate realized we three knew nothing of the blood magic they released us. We had no choice but to start over.
We settled in a nearby village to live as best we could. Mion soon found an honorable man, despite him being a merchant, and married him. So Rena and I lived by ourselves from then on.
I was halfway though my fifteenth year when I was seized by the magistrate. Two witnesses had accused me of murder. I was convicted and sentenced to death my hanging within a day. I was to die in three days time.
I spent the three days trying to convince them of my innocence, but to no avail. On the morning of my execution I spent talking with Rena. I realized then that I loved her then. The hanging did not go well as my neck did not snap. I hung their for long moments choking as the rope slowly strangled me. I thought I was gone, with my honor gone and a disgrace to my father and mother when the rope was suddenly cut and hands helped loosen the rope.
It turns out that the two witnesses were lovers that had conspired to kill the woman’s husband. I was the unlucky one they framed for the deed. I added a hanging scar to my growing scar count.
Rena and I became lovers on the night before we left that village. We went with the ronin group that had proved my innocence. They had offered to train me in the art of war. I trained hard and Rena and I lived together happily. She soon conceived and we loved each other so very much.
When she was around 5 months pregnant I returned home from a training mission to find her acting very odd. I worried for her, but she claimed she was fine. Later I awoke to the feeling of her body engulfing my manhood as well as a warm liquid on my stomach. I looked up into Rena’s eyes. The glint of madness filling them. To my horror she was making love to me, grinding her groin into mine, with her belly cut open, the dead child held firmly by the leg as she held it like a child drags a favorite doll. Whenever her sexual gyrations leaned her forward the babies umbilical tube would pull the belly wound open spilling more amniotic fluid and blood onto my belly to mix with the sticky mess already there. She looked at me and kept repeating “I broke the baby. We need to make a new one”. I screamed in shock and rushed to stop her. I cradled her in my arms as she died, my tears streaming down my face. I lost Rena, my child, and my happiness that night. I soon discovered that Rena had been told the baby was stillborn. She just could not deal with the loss of our child, and her mind shattered.
I put all my pain into my training, and excelled at them. On the day of my gempukku I took the name Arashi meaning storm, and left my childhood name of Chokichi behind me. I was given several gifts as is custom. Three of my fellow ronin students gave me crickets. As I took each cricket cage into my hand the cricket let out a loud chirp and died. All three in a row.
Seeking relief from the pain of Rena’s and the babies death I threw myself into my work. I soon made an enemy of a group of maho. While I was sleeping they used magic to capture me and keep me sleeping.
I awoke to a one foot section of the skin on my abdomen being magically ripped from my body. My scream echoed in the dank dungeon-like chamber I was in. My hands were chained to the wall as were my feet they held me painfully suspended. My belonging carelessly tossed into one of the corners. I soon learned how angry they were with me. The weeks of torture continued, always with magical healing at hand to prevent my death. They removed every inch of my skin in shifting patterns returning it to me only when my woulds would be to much for me. They grew tired of that and began delving lower. Have you ever seen one of your arms or a leg with each mustle removed down to the bone. Only to have it replaced and done again. I was their canvas, torture their art. They starved me, then suddenly gave me meat. Halfway through eating it I realize it was my own flesh. My own manhood cooked and served to me, my testicles a sickening side dish. I still have nightmare of the chewy tough meat that was my manhood, and worse the juicy softness as my testicles burst open in my mouth. They had so masterfully starved me that my hunger would not let me stop eating.
I thought for sure that my mind would break if I had to endure even one more hour of this life of torture. I hung there with a small circle of the skin on my lower abdomen removed thinking it would be better if I died. I heard a noise and looked up, there in the doorway stood a young woman dressed as a samurai of the Mantis clan with the look of recent battle. She looked at my nude form for a moment then quickly moved to release me. It took me several long minutes to find my feet, my body finally responding to my commands. As I recovered and dressed she told me she had tracked some maho dogs to this compound. Her name was Kitsune Natsumi of the Mantis clan. Giving her my name I suggested we make our way out of here.
We made our way through the complex defeating several groups of maho fighters. We thought we had defeated them all when we came apon a large ceremonial chamber. Three of the dark spellcasters stood huddled around some kind of blood covered alter. One of them noticed us and tossed a large globe of glass at us, the other two began spellcasting. Kitsune reacted with lightning fast reflexes loosing an arrow that struck the globe in midair. It shattered, but its contents continued on. I threw myself in front of Kitsune the acid biting into my chest and arms. Only a dozen drops burned into my face. I did not know it any had made it through to strike Kitsune. One of the casters spells went off then throwing both of us to the ground while the other continued casting. Kitsune put quickly was up putting an arrow through the globe throwers eye. The other began another spell as I charged forward knowing I must stop the one still casting from completing his powerful spell. I almost made it when a wave of scorpions rushed out from the casters hands a moment before I slammed into him sending us both over the alter as more and more scorpions flowed from nothingness. We struggled for a moment before we were both overcome by pain from the stings of dozens and dozens of scorpions. His remaining companion was also caught in the swarm, as was Kitsune. She fared the best out of all of us being farther from the swarms center, but even one scorpion can be deadly. Both of the remaining casters died screaming in agony. Kitsune and I made our way out. I was delirious from pain and poison, and I know she was weak from the same with her face pale.
I woke nearly a week later alive if weak. Kitsune had left me a letter explaining that she had duties that would not allow her to remain until I awoke.
I soon continued on my way, and was soon offered a position at winter court.

Name: Mion
Clan: None, Commoner
Profession: Merchants Wife
Relationship: Very close friend, like a sister to Arashi.
Last Meeting: A good meal, and several days of friendly fellowship.
Notes: Responsible, Compassionate, Does not follow traditional views.

Name: Kano
Clan: None, Commoner
Profession: Old retired commoner
Relationship: very close friend. A man he trusts from his time right after Rena died.
Last Meeting: Arashi helped the lame old man repair his house after a year of storms.
Notes: Wise, Compassionate, Practical

Name: Michio
Clan: None, Ronin
Profession: Mid-ranking member of Tawagoto’s Army
Relationship: Teacher and mentor
Last Meeting: After his men refused to work with Arashi thinking him curse and bad luck he was forced to ask Arashi to leave, but they remain friends.
Notes: Honorable, Practical, Disciplined, Loyal.

Name: Kiro
Clan: None, Commoner
Profession: Merchant
Relationship: Married to Mion
Last Meeting: A good meal, and several days of courteous conversation.
Notes: Honest, Dedicated, Compassionate

Name: Kitsuki Akihiro
Clan: Dragon
Profession: Magistrate
Relationship: He once wrongly sentenced Arashi to death and hung him for a crime he did not commit.
Last Meeting: Kitsuki apologized for hanging Arashi
Notes: Honest, Honorable, Dutiful

Name: Horiuchi Katsumi
Clan: Unicorn
Profession: Shugenja
Relationship: She has healed and helped him on several occasions.
Last Meeting: She healed him after his meeting with Kitsume Natsumi.
Notes: Businesslike, Compassionate.

Name: Jurichi
Clan: None, Ronin
Profession: Bushi Ronin
Relationship: Rival from Tawagoto’s Army
Last Meeting: Arashi lost a Iaijutsu duel to him.
Notes: Honorable, Skilled.

Name: Kitsu Norio (Man of Principals)
Clan: Lion
Profession: Bushi Samurai
Relationship: Thinks ronin are little more than thieves and bandits.
Last Meeting: They attended a dinner together that Kitsu Norio’s father was having and Norio was not happy at the ronins presence.
Notes: Arrogant, Prideful, Honorable.

Name: Kitsune Ryota
Clan: Mantis
Profession: Bushi Samurai
Relationship: Constantly trying to prove that ronin are incapable of equaling a clan trained samurai.
Last Meeting: He had won an Iaijutsu duel against him.
Notes: Arrogant, Prideful, Disciplined.

20 Questions
He was born to a traveling ronin and a commoner woman. He never knew of his father’s past and does not know if he is descended from any family or clan.

He never knew if his father was from any family. His father did not tell his mother before he died. All that he knows is his father was a ronin samurai.

He is a bushi, a warrior and soldier to his bones. He inherited his fathers Daisho. His father was a ronin soldier for many various patrons.

His clothes are sturdy, functional, and well-made, but worn. He has shoulder length black hair that he keeps pulled back. He has numerous visible scars all over his body.

He wishes to found his own family and clan. To create a foundation that will grow his family/clan into an honorable well respected family/clan.

A commoner named Kano. The wisest most compassionate and honorable man that he has ever met.

His unstopable will and determination to go on. He is driven to accomplish his goals. His greatest weakness is his determination to do things on his own terms. He does not want to join a family or clan, but to found his own.

The code of Bushido is a set of guide posts to help men make the right choices in life. No man is perfect, and the code can not take every situation into account. The code is imperfect, or more accuaratly incomplete.

The clans could learn a lot from each other and the common people if they would put aside all of their posturing.

He is not married, but he came close once. He also wishes to find a wife to carry on his line. Who will carry on the family/clan when he is gone.

He sees the world with hope for the future. He feels that hate burdens his soul and so lets go of hate. The closest thing to it he allows himself to feel is righteous fury.

A ronin named Michio. He and his group of the Tawagoto Army took him in and trained him.

A good meal. As someone that grew up among the poor commoners, and a ronin making his way by his sword, wits, and talent a good meal can sometimes be hard to come by.
Due to being swarmed by spiders and scorpions, as well as having spider swarms implanted into his body he does not like either spiders or scorpions.
Once when he was helpless in the forest some badgers tried to eat him and he barely survived. He doesn’t like badgers.

When he is focusing in battle or in a duel he tends to recite this short poem.

I am the Wind.
I am the Rain.
I am the Thunder.
I am the Storm!

He is easy with a smile. He often shows compassion for others especially those less fortunate than he is.

People do not learn from death, but from life. Punish them in proportion to their mistake, then teach them the right way.

If they lived they would say he was an honorable and dutiful son, with a compassionate heart. He was also cursed by the fates with horrible luck.

To build a clan with the holdings to support itself. To have the strength and training to hold and expand their territory.

He is on a constant journey to better himself, but does not spend a great deal of time praying to the fates that cursed him or the ancestors he does not know.

He will die while writing poetry. Surrounded by his family and clan, strong if small. His many grandchildren already doing the family and clan proud.

2nd Set of 20 Questions
1. Does your character have an ultimate goal, and if so, what is it?
To found a family and clan of his own that will carry on to be an honorable family and clan. One that will be respected by the other clans of Rokugan.

2. What is your character’s secret, and what will happen if it is discovered?
He has had two periods in his life when his primary food source was human flesh.

3. What does your character think of the political climate in Rokugan?
There is to much politics, and intrigue within the Empire. Keep It Simple Stupid.

4. What does your character do to relax?
He eats a good meal. Spends time talking with trusted friends. Writes Poetry. He recently became interested in Painting.

5. If your character were given a koku, how would he spend it?
He first spends money making sure that he has quality equipment. This does not necessarily mean fancy equipment, but quality functional equipment. He spends for quality not for bling, but if a quality item has a bit of bling then it is appreciated. He then spends money to feed and cloth himself as well as those less fortunate than himself when he can.

6. Does your character have a stereotypical view of the lower classes?
No. He believes that a persons value is not determined by his station in life nor his caste.

7. What are the names of your character’s parents and siblings, and what do they do?
Commoner Mother – Kouri, Deceased; Ronin Father – Karuta, Deceased; Commoner Sister – Maya, Deceased.

8. What reward would your character most wish to receive?
A family name and clan of his own.

9. What do your character’s katana and saya look like?
Completely functional and plain, black. The saya of his Katana is cracking in places and has broken and been repaired three times. The saya of his Wakizashi is also cracking, but shows only one repair after being broken. Both weapons show signs of being well cared for and are in good functional condition, but show signs of extreme wear and use over a long period.

10. Does your character revere the Tao of Shinsei or the Fortunes more?
The Tao since it involves a person working to improve himself.

11. What is your character’s most sacred possession?
The friendships and relationships in his heart.

12. Who is your character’s closest friend?
Mion; she is like a sister to him. He cares for her greatly.

13. What does your character love, fear, and hate?
He loves his friendships and a good meal. He fears not being able to rise above his ronin status to show that a mans worth is not measured by his station in life. He also fears spiders. He hates the treatment of people like they have no worth regardless of their station or caste.

14. How does your character feel about each of the Great Clans?
He prefers to gauge the value of a person individually and not by family or clan. He does feel that the clans as a whole are a little narrow minded and caught up in their own world of clan politics.

15. How does your character feel about different professions in the Celestial Order?
That each is essential, but that each should be honored as an essential part of society and life.

16. Who is your character’s ideal mate?
A compassionate, wise, practical woman. One that will be my partner in the formation of our family and teach our children the skills they need to be a samurai.

17. How does your character react to minor impurities or irreverence in others?
If it is simply out of disrespect he is not happy, if however it is due to a practical need he overlooks such things.

18. Has your character ever been exposed to maho or other major blasphemies?
He was held and tortured my maho wizards for 7 weeks.

19. What advice would you give to your character?
To be patient and work towards your goal steadily. Know yourself and your limits, work to expand yourself and your skill.

20. Who would be your character’s ultimate enemy?
Himself. The only enemy is oneself.

Daigotsu Arashi

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