The Sapphire Throne

The Imperial Court

The Emperor and His Family
Toturi XII, the Sapphire Emperor, formerly called the “Joyous Prince,” Emperor of Rokugan
A man forty-one years of age, who has reigned as Emperor for nineteen of those. Known as a compassionate man, his reign has been a time of tranquility and peace, and he is reputed to fully support the peace-making efforts of Miya Shikan. Since the death of his wife, Empress Amika, seven years ago, he has refused to remarry or even to take a concubine. Despite his advancing age, Toturi XII is still a handsome and vigorous man, with only a few gray streaks in his hair.

Toturi Hatsu and Toturi Kobashi, “the Twins” DECEASED
The Emperor’s eldest sons, twenty-one years old at the time of their deaths. Only the Emperor and their midwife knew which of them was older. Hatsu was trained as a Crane duelist, while Kobashi studied at the Akodo school, and each brother dyed his hair to honor their respective school’s Clan. However, they were known to be close friends and traveled together frequently, showing no sign of real rivalry. Both brothers were handsome and charming, and were considered to be among the most sought-after bachelors in the Empire. Their tragic deaths have left the Empire uncertain about the future of the Toturi dynasty.

Toturi Yukihime, “the Princess”
Twenty years old, the Emperor’s eldest daughter, trained in the Otomo school. Yukihime is not the Emperor’s most beautiful daughter (that honor belongs to Hisako), but she is undeniably the most elegant and sophisticated.

Toturi Maihime, “the Scholar”
Nineteen years old. The Emperor’s second daughter has already made trips to visit the libraries of both the Ikoma and the Phoenix, and is said to be able to discourse on almost any topic with the finest scholars in the Empire. Unfortunately, such dedicated education seems to consume most of her time and effort, and she is seldom seen in the courts. Unsurprisingly, this has made it difficult for anyone to court her, and indeed few can even claim to have seen her face.

Toturi Gendo, “the Monk”
Eighteen years old. Gendo is rumored to have suffered from epileptic fits and strange visions from a young age, and it is rumored that when he turned thirteen his hair began turning white. Shortly after, it was quietly announced that he had renounced his name and taken vows as a monk. His current name and whereabouts are known only to the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Toturi Hisako, “the Lovely Serpent”
Seventeen years old. Unquestionably the most beautiful of the Emperor’s four daughters, and also the most willful – her decision to train with the Scorpion in order to honor her mother nearly triggered a war. Unrepentant, Hisako has remained with her mother’s Clan ever since, and is now a member of the famed Kyozou Theatre Troupe, one of the most renowned acting troupes in the Empire. Hisako is much sought-after as a bride, although those who wish her hand tend to be a bit less respectable than those courting her older sister Yukihime.

Toturi Hizatoru, “the Rogue”
A boy of fifteen, fostered to the Mantis as part of Miya Shikan’s peace treaty after Hisako went to the Scorpion. A mischievous, energetic boy who has already completed his gempukku. Known to be an enthusiastic sailor who spends much of his time at sea on Mantis ships, and there are rumors that he has been seen aboard the less reputable Mantis ships and even in foreign ports. He is also said to be a close friend to Yoritomo Ogawa, the sensei of Dojo Raiden.

Toturi Kobe, “the Silent”
The Emperor’s youngest son, thirteen years old. Always a quiet, reserved boy, in the last seven years he has refused to speak a single word. It is rumored that he cried out at the moment of his mother’s death, even though he was on the opposite side of the Imperial Palace at the time. Kobe is known to be close to his younger sister Chisa, but holds himself apart from the rest of his family. Last year, it was arranged for him to be fostered to the Crab Clan as part of another of Miya Shikan’s elaborate treaties.

Toturi Chisa, “Chisa-chan”
The Emperor’s youngest child, eight years old, whose birth took the life of her mother. Chisa is the darling of her family and of the Imperial courts, with many elegant ladies and fine courtiers competing to pamper her, no doubt in hopes of winning her father’s approval.

Imperial Family Daimyos
Otomo Norito, Otomo family daimyo
Twenty-eight years old, although those who have seen him claim he appears far older. Norito is a writer and poet, and it is rumored that many of the most popular pillow-books of recent years were written by him and published under false names. Sadly, he has suffered from fragile health since he was a small boy, and has lived most of his life in seclusion. Norito has never married, and given his poor health is unlikely to do so – his cousins have begun aggressively seeking his favor in hopes of being named his heir.

Seppun Munemori, daimyo of the Seppun
General of the Imperial Legions: A bland, forgettable man of thirty-seven, who has served in his office for fifteen years. Munemori is a bureaucrat with no real military experience, and is rumored to occupy himself with minutia such as redesigning the garments and banners of the Imperial Guard.

Miya Shikan, the Imperial Herald, Miya family daimyo
Forty-seven years old, six years past the normal age of retirement, but refuses to do so on the grounds that his work is far too important to be left to his successors. A dedicated peace-maker whose treaties, agreements, and other diplomatic accomplishments has kept war from the Empire for more than a generation. He is seen frequently in all the courts of Rokugan, and is probably the most well-known figure in the Imperial families. Shikan has a pale, narrow face and a clean-shaven scalp, making him look almost monastic, and his habitual expression is a disapproving glare.

The Clan Champions

Hida Gojiro, Hida family daimyo, Clan Champion
Considered to be one of the five deadliest men in Rokugan, Hida Gojiro “the beast” is a grim, silent, frequently violent young man in his early twenties, who spends most of his time on the Wall. Previous to his coronation he also lead frequent raids into the Shadowlands. Known for his impulsiveness and his violent hair-trigger temper, Gojiro has not been allowed to visit the courts of other Clans since an incident in Kyuden Doji when he was sixteen: after a Scorpion courtier made a gibe about uncouth Crabs, Gojiro tried to drown the man in a garden koi pond. It took five Daidoji bushi to pull him off. Gojiro ascended to his post after the death of his respected father Hida Masakazu. There is no doubt, especially with the recent declaration of war, that he will be a very different leader then his Father.

Doji Sarutomo, Daimyo of the Doji family, Clan Champion
The Crane were led by this handsome 33-year-old bachelor. Sarutomo had married twice before, but both brides died in childbirth, and he remains without an heir. Despite this, he is now engaged for a third time, to Kitsuki Akane, a young maiden of the Dragon Clan.

Togashi Imasu, Clan Champion, leader of the Three Orders
Imasu is a direct descendent of Togashi Hoshi, and has reigned for 32 years. He has spent almost his entire reign closeted in the High House of Light, offering no guidance or leadership to his Clan. He is rumored to be eccentric and highly spiritual.

Matsu Nimoro, Matsu family daimyo, Clan Champion
Fifteen years old. A boy just two years past his gempukku, saddled with the name of a famous ancestor and the task of ruling the Empire’s largest Clan after his father’s assassination at the Topaz Championship in 1500 IC. It remains to be seen whether he will be equal to his office. Nimoro is a handsome boy, strong, skilled, and well-mannered, and noticeably lacking the fierce temperament which characterizes many of his family.

Yoritomo Rinsei, Yoritomo family daimyo, Clan Champion
A short and unmemorable man who, on his visits to the Imperial court, is sometimes mistaken for a ronin or bodyguard. Probably the single wealthiest man in the Empire, and rumored to be fluent in both Ruumal (the tongue of the Ivory Coast) and Thrane.

Shiba Ninto, Shiba family daimyo, Clan Champion
Thirty-eight years old. A quiet, restrained middle-aged man who has held this station for eighteen years, since the previous Champion died of old age. Ninto has done nothing noteworthy or memorable during his reign, and is apparently content to serve as a voice for the Elemental Council.

Bayushi Tamoru, Bayushi family daimyo, Clan Champion
A handsome and charming man, and one who it is unwise to cross. Tamoru is said to have ruined the names and lives of innumerable enemies since ascending to the post of Clan Champion fourteen years ago, and not a few even before that.

Moto Temujin, Moto family daimyo, the Khan, Clan Champion
One of the five deadliest warriors in Rokugan. Twenty-nine years old. The Khan is a fierce, turbulent young man, still unmarried. He takes pride in his gaijin name and has the skill to defend it – Temujin has killed more than one samurai, including Kakita duelists and Mirumoto swordmasters, who were foolish enough to mock it. He is also known to be a student of the art of war, and has begun a custom of taking Unicorn armies into the desert each winter to practice maneuvers and strategies. Unfortunately, in his younger days he was also lacking in discretion, and several times spoke openly of his hatred for Miya Shikan (on one occasion calling him a “tofu-eating geisha-boy”). Despite the best efforts of the Ide family diplomats, such remarks did great damage to the Unicorn Clan’s political position, and it is only in recent years, as Temujin has learned to guard his tongue, that the Clan’s position has shown the faintest signs of recovery.

Other Figures of Note

Kagekaze, ronin assassin
One of the five deadliest warriors in Rokugan. Many rumors attach to this man, reputed to be both a supremely skilled swordsman and a ruthless assassin willing to take on any commission… for the right price. The few who have met him and survived say he actually claims to be a man of honor, though his code is not one which any right-minded samurai would recognize.

O-Doji Koneko, “the Matron”
Most of those in the know consider the true ruler of the Crane to be Sarutomo’s mother, O-Doji Koneko, the revered widow of the previous Champion. Despite age and growing infirmity, the lady Koneko is still second to none in her mastery of the intricacies of court and diplomacy.

Kakita Saburashi, daimyo of the Kakita, senior sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy
One of the five deadliest warriors in Rokugan. Forty-two years old but unwilling to retire, Saburashi is said to be obsessed with the need to perfect his swordsmanship. He is famous (and notorious) for refusing his victory in the Emerald Tournament on the grounds that his skills were not worthy of the position. Totally dedicated to the study of swordsmanship, Saburashi is revered by his students but looked down on elsewhere in the Empire for his eccentric single-minded attitude and his lack of interest in leading his family. The Kakita daimyo is a grim, stern-looking man, with white-dyed hair always tied in a severe samurai topknot.

Mirumoto Jinzaki, Mirumoto family daimyo
Said to be a brilliant swordsman, approaching his fortieth birthday, Jinzaki is supposedly a master of Niten and a bitter personal rival to Kakita Saburashi, who defeated him in a public challenge thirteen years ago. Since that day, Jinzaki has spent most of his time in the Mirumoto dojos, practicing his art and teaching the younger generation of bushi, and allowing the militant junior daimyos of his family to guides its policies. He is childless, despite having been married twice in almost twenty years.

Akodo Gintaku, daimyo of the Akodo family
One of the five deadliest warriors in Rokugan. Thirty-five years old. A fierce warrior known to be impatient with the enforced peace of recent years. He is a lean, hard-faced man with thinning hair and prominent cheekbones. Gintaku has served as regent of the Lion while Nimuro prepares for the responsibilities of Clan Champion.

Yoritomo Ogawa, senior sensei at Dojo Raiden
At sixty-two years of age, this one-eyed veteran has the singular distinction of being the oldest non-retired bushi in the Empire. He seldom comes to the mainland, but is known to still sail on the Mantis fleet and to personally advise the Clan Champion.

Bayushi Byakko, Scorpion Clan Courtier, “the White Fox”
Second son of Bayushi Tamoru, Byakko is a young man in his early twenties. Known for only being seen in white robes, he has garnered a reputation for being unpredictable and always a bit removed. The only truth about Byakko is that he carries a carefully manufactured air of mystery and motives that even the Scorpion have difficulty pinning down.

Shosuro Hido, Shosuro family daimyo, “the Spider”
The uncle of the late Empress, believed to be in his late forties or early fifties, although few have seen him. Those who study the Scorpion Clan claim that it is Hido, not Tamoru, who is the true power in the Clan. Whether that is true or not, it is indisputable that the power and influence of the Shosuro within the Clan is much greater than in the past.

Sven Oldarrson, Vendel Ambassador to Rokugan
A tall, imposing man in his sixties, Oldarrson was among the first gaijin to make his way to Rokugan once the ports reopened to foreign vessels. He is noted for going to great lengths to acclimate to Rokugani culture and speaks the tongue with little accent. While generally friendly and amiable, very little is known about his personal life aside from his close friendship with Yoritomo Ogawa.

Alwin Brecht, member of the Vendel League
A man in is late forties, Brecht is much more reclusive than the Vendel Ambassador and it is no secret that the two men share no love for one another. While Oldarsson seems very interested in adapting to Rokugani culture for the sake of diplomacy, Brecht seems more comfortable observing than adapting. He is never seen with out his signature cane or travelling companion and translator Kiana, a “dancer” from the Ivory Kingdoms.

The Sapphire Throne

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