The Way

Spirit of Bushido 19 - Fan and Sword

Month of Shinjo, 1139 (Fall) – The Emerald Champion is marrying the mother of the Crane’s next daimyo. The political stakes are high, and even the smallest thing could tip the balance of power within the Clan of Doji…

Spirit of Bushido 18 - Claiming the Throne

Month of Doji, 1139 (Summer) – Confusion at court leads to fundamental changes for Rokugan’s future.

Spirit of Bushido 17 - The Legion of the Crow

“Be more afraid of an army of sheep led by a wolf than an army of wolves led by a sheep.” – Little Truths

Month of Doji, 1139 (Summer) – The Imperial Capital is in danger of being attacked, and the samurai of Rokugan must take the field for honor, for glory, and for the Empire!

Spirit of Bushido 16 - The Price of Weakness

Month of Doji, 1139 (Summer) – A discrete investigation into a powerful lord uncovers more than expected…

Spirit of Bushido 15 - All That Will Be Lost

Month of Akodo, 1139 (Early Summer) – A single missing monk could hold the destiny of the Empire in his hands.

Spirit of Bushido 14 - A Hero's Gift

Month of the Moon, 1139 (Spring) – Is the truest test of a hero the last one, or the first?

Spirit of Bushido 13 - Winter Court: Kyuden Gotei

“Cut off the right arm and the left will be wholly occupied trying to stop the flow of blood.” – Little Truths

Month of Hida through Ryoshun, 1138 (Winter) Winter comes to the Empire and in the Court of the Mantis the season of political maneuvering begins in a uniquely Mantis way.

Spirit of Bushido 12 - Cold Hands, Stone Heart

“Evil spirits are the result of an impure life. Live your life with certainty and justice and you will be free of fortune’s curse.” – The Tao of Shinsei

Month of Bayushi, 1138 (Fall) – There is no greater wrath than that of a woman betrayed.

Spirit of Bushido 11 - Twisted Fate

The first generation of Toku children are ready to start seizing their destiny – but something else may be seizing it first…

Spirit of Bushido 10 - Hidden from the Empire

“There is no greater strength, no greater resource, than those who share your bloodline.” – Leadership

Month of Akodo, 1138 (Early Summer) – A direct command from the Emperor will have repercussions throughout the Empire.

+6 XP
All PCs lose -1 point of Glory for inactivity.
All PCs lose -2 Honor for disguising themselves.
All PCs gain +4 Honor for obeying orders from the Emperor.
Hiroshi loses -2 Honor for using a Low Skill.
Hiroshi gains +4 Honor for obeying an order despite personal misgivings.
All PCs gain +4 Honor for giving a truthful report at personal expense.
All PCs gain a favor from the Akodo family.


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