The Way

Spirit of Bushido 7 - Delicate Negotiations

“Those who render their enemy helpless without combat are triumphant.” – Book of Sun Tao

Month of the Sun, 1138 (Spring) – When influential courtiers clash, all others are but stones on a go board.

+6 XP
Doji Kiten gains +2 Status
Doji Kiten gains +4 Honor for facing a superior foe in the name of his family.
Akodo Iwao gains +2 Honor for showing kindness to a rival.

Spirit of Bushido 6 - Fire and Water

“The elements are not the means to an end. They are the beginning, and the end.” – The Tao of Shinsei

Month of the Moon, 1138 (Spring) – Sometimes, there isn’t a right choice.

+6 XP

Spirit of Bushido 5 - Winter Court: Shiro Sano Akodo

“Even in times of peace, a samurai always carries swords.” Akodo, Leadership

Month of Hida through Ryoshun, 1137 (Winter) – Winter is the season of intrigue and politics as samurai assemble in the great courts of Rokugan, and an invitation to the Imperial Winter Court is an honor none can pass up.

Spirit of Bushido 4 - Walk Through the Mountains

“First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.” – Donovan

Month of Bayushi, 1137 (Early Fall) – The hearts of men are easily swayed into performing dark deeds, when what once was filled with honor is now fueled by vengeance and despair.

Spirit of Bushido 3 - Personal Sacrifice

This little shrine
A pheasant drags its tail
In the evening
-Kobayashi Issa

Month of Doji, 1137 (Summer) – The Emperor has commanded a shrine to a new Fortune be built, but the price of duty and piety may be higher than it first seems.

+6 XP
Kenny getting hitched
Some other stuff

Spirit of Bushido 2 - Stand Against the Waves

“You may always trust a peasant over a nobleman. The nobleman is ambitious. The peasant only wants to eat.” – Bayushi Tangen, Lies

Month of Akodo, 1137 (Early Summer) – A hunt for bandits within the territory of the Lion holds unexpected danger and questions of how far a person must go to stand up for what they believe in.

+6 XP
+3 Glory for any samurai with less than 3 ranks of Glory.
All samurai gain Seppun Toshiken as an Ally (1 point influence/1 point devotion).
Doji Kiten gains +4 Honor for displaying Compassion to those beneath his status.
Akodo Iwao gains +2 Honor for bringing traitors in his Clan to Justice.

Spirit of Bushido 1 - New Beginnings

“We tell the tale of heroes to remind ourselves that we also can be great.” – The Tao of Shinsei

Month of the Sun, 1137 (Early Spring) – The Test of the Topaz Champion is to be held for the first time in more than a decade. This promises to be an historic event, but not in the way you anticipate…

6 XP
All PCs gain 4 points of Honor (PCs with 3.9 Honor or less gain 5 points of Honor instead).
All PCs gain 7 points of Glory.
All PCs gain the Touch of Destiny advantage (treat this as a one time use Great Destiny advantage; this does not stack with Great Destiny or Dark Fate).
All PCs gain a Favor from Miya Yumi, the Imperial Herald.
Kuni Atoli loses 1 point of Glory for drinking in public with her charge.
Doji Kiten loses 2 points of Honor for a major breach of etiquette (falling to the ground in laughter).


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