Katana of Fire

Part of the Elemental Nemuranai

weapon (melee)

The Katana of Fire is a DR 4k3 Katana. In addition, every successful strike with the weapon deals the wielder’s Honor Rank in fire damage (so a character with Strength 3 and Honor 5 would deal 7k3 damage plus an additional 5 fire damage). The Katana of Fire is treated as a Katana for purposes of mechanics such as Kenjutsu Mastery abilities and Techniques.

Finally, once per day, it may be used to cast The Fires From Within as a Rank 4 shugenja with a Fire Ring one higher then the character’s own. (This does not count as using a spell slot, if the character is a shugenja.)


The Katana of Fire has a hilt wrapped in scarlet threads and a saya inscribed with symbols of elemental fire. When the sword is drawn from its sheath flames erupted, burning more brightly in the presence of Tainted or dishonorable foes.

Katana of Fire

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