Isawa Shizu



The Isawa Shugenja School

The Isawa are the greatest shugenja in the Empire, and while the family would never claim this openly, the behavior of those who have trained in their prestigious School bears this out. Fortunately, most others recognize the truth of it as well, and accept it with varying degrees of resentment or resignation. The Isawa are nearly twice as a large as the next largest shugenja family in the Empire. Indeed, there are so many among their ranks that they are nearly the size of a typical bushi family. That so many among them are born with the gift to speak with the kami has allowed teh family to diversify into numerous areas of magical specialization, but the core of their power has always been the Isawa Shugenja School. It is literally the oldest School of its kind in Rokugan, and the Isawa have been struggling to master the secrets of the universe for more than a thousand years.
The Isawa Shugenja has no particular specialization, but instead are constructed around the premise that being the finest at spell-casting in general. their ability to choose an Affinity without a corresponding Deficiency, and their unrestricted Free Raise on all Spell Casting Rolls of their Affinity, make them extremely competent and the equal of virtually any other shugenja character.

Isawa Shugenja School
Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher), Lore: Theology, any one Lore Skill, Medicine, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High Skill
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 5 koku
Affinity / Deficiency: Isawa shugenja may select any element of their choosing, including Void, as their Affinity. They do not have a Deficiency.
Technique: Isawa’s Gift- There are no greater masters of the shugenja tradition than those among the Isawa. You gain a Free Raise on all Spell Casting Rolls for spells of the element which you chose as your Affinity.
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 spells of any one element, 2 spells of any other element, 1 spell of a third element, and 1 spell of a fourth element.

Honor: 5.1
Glory: 1
XP: 153
Taint: 0


Stamina 2
Willpower 2

Air: 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Fire: 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3

Strength 2
Perception 2

Void: 3


Calligraphy (Cipher): 2

Lore: Theology:2

Lore: Elements 2

Medicine: 2

Meditation: 2

Spellcraft: 5

Etiquette: 3

Defense: 3

Tea Ceremony: 2

Courtier: 3

Investigation: 3

Divination: 3

Sincerity: 3


—Ancestor: Isawa

— Sage


—Phobia: Spiders (3)

—Lose Love: Brother, Yobro (3)

— Consumed: Knowledge (4)








Born to Isowa Yomomma and Isowa Yopappa a pair of excellent priests of the Phoenix Clan and of the Isowa Family. Isowa Yopappa was the younger brother of the Isowa family daimyo, Isowa Youncle.

During here Gempukku with her twin brother Yobro as of most of Phoenix Clan had to spend a day and night in the mystical forest of Mori Isowa meditating. The forest could be a blessing and nightmare to anyone who dare enter.Full of malevelant and good spirits alike, even home to a tribe of Kenku.

We had to go our seperate ways to find our own path without the help of another for it was out parents wish to function on our own. I found a suitable clearing that seemed to appear out of nothing. I began to meditate for it seemed for hours. I was broken out of my meditation with the screams of my brother, i ran to his aid as best as i can. The forest seemed to fight me as i was fight my way to Yobro. I finally found him crumbled to the grown quivering with an onomous sound coming from him. I called his name a few times with no avail. He finally arose after a moment or two and slowly faced me. A voice not of his own says, “Yobro is not hear!” A evil spirit possessed and and mishapened him into a spider like creature. I stood in horror as the creature moved toward me, i felt like this was the end for i was frozen in fear.

The fear was slighly broken when Yobro’s voice broke free. He told me he was gone and i must slay him with the spirit inside him, there was no other way. The spirit finally broke Yobro from the hold and continued towards me. withe the little courage given, i gave the creature a spell, Tempest of Air, sending it hurling into a solid tree with a resounding thud, the sound of the bones crunching could be heard. As the creature began to muster what strength it had in the body of Yobro, yobro said, his last words to me, “Finish it Shizu he is almost done. I Love you sister!” As the beast stood i told a look at me, I then cast, Fury of Osono-Wo, and turned the possessed body into a pile of burnt flesh.

The evil spit released along with, my brothers spirit, it was over. i performed the last rights blessing on my brother, gave final respects to him and moved on. As i made my way back to the clearing i choose, i began to gather my belongs.When i was almost done a strong breeze starting blowing briskly, as if my davine choosing, a stack of parchment blew together into a pile of 5 sheets as if 1 for each element. I recognized this paper as made from the sacred trees of the forest, imbued with mistical properties of the forest. Along with a large black feather that seems to need no ink when writing on paper.

I was greeted outside of the forest by a search party that was about to enter the forest. They said that me and my brother was gone fore a few days, even though i vividly remembering only being go for a day no more no less.

After talking to my uncle Isowa Youncle and some other high shugenga, it is believed that we transended into another realm. I showed then what was bestowed upon me, the scroll parchment and the big black quill and told me that this was a omen to the Phoenix Clan.

I grew into a young and beautiful samauri-ko with excellent casting abilities. It became time for the Jade championship and i was give a charge to take to the championship by the name of Isowa Ume a young promising void shugenga.

To be continued…..

Isawa Shizu

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