Seppun Toshiken


Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 5
Reflexes: 5 Agility: 5 Perception: 5

Honor: 6.8 Status: 5.0 Glory: 6.5 Infamy: 2.1

School/Rank: Seppun Guardsman 4
Rank 1: Never in Darkness
The Seppun are taught to be unswerving in their Honor, and nothing can draw them away from their duty. Any time you are rolling to resist a Social Skill roll which could tempt or lead you away from your duty – such as Temptation, Intimidation, or even Courtier – you roll additional unkept dice equal to your School Rank. You gain a +1k1 bonus any time you are making an Investigation roll to detect an ambush or surprise attack.

Rank 2: The Clouds Part
The Seppun’s blows are infused with his dedication to the Emperor’s cause. At the start of your Turn, you may spend a Void Point to add your Honor Rank to the total of your attack and damage rolls until your Next Turn.

Rank 3: Sun’s Light Reveals
The Seppun’s dedication now allows him to see through all manner of deceptions, even magical ones. At any time you may choose to spend a Void point as a Free Action to roll Investigation (Notice) / Perception at TN 25. With a success, you immediately see through all disguises and illusions around you, whether normal or magical in nature. If you are in the presence of the Emperor, his immediate family, or a major Imperial Official (Chancellor, Shogun, etc) you do not need to spend a Void Point to activate this Technique. Once you have pierced a specific disguise/illusion, it no longer has any effect on you (although a new disguise or illusion you encounter later will function normally).

Rank 4: Speed of Heaven
The power of Heaven infuses the Seppun’s arm, allowing him to strike with greater speed. You may now attack as a Simple Action when using weapons with the Samurai keyword.

Rank 5: Heaven Never Falls
The true Seppun bodyguard is never caught off-guard, and can protect his charge even when surprised or disabled. Any time you are within 20’ of a person you are guarding, you may spend a Void point to leap in front of a blow or spell which is targeting your charge. The damage is automatically applied to you instead of to your charge. If you are still standing (not Down or Out) after taking this damage, you may immediately take an extra Simple Action, which may be used for any normal purpose, including an attack. This Technique can be used even if your character is Blinded, Prone, Stunned, Dazed, Entangled, or at the Down Wound Rank (but not Grappled or at the Out Wound Rank).

The Emperor’s Hand
The Emerald Champion is the hand of the Emperor, and the champion of his laws. You gain a bonus of +1k1 on all High and Bugei Skill Rolls, and an additional +1k0 on all your School Skills. You also gain a number of bonus Void Points per day equal to your highest Ring. These Void Points may be granted to any one subordinate or ally in your line of sight for use on any appropriate roll. Granting these bonus Void Points in this manner is a Free Action, but may only be done once per Round. You may not use these bonus Void Points yourself.


RANK 1: Drawing The Void
The Kenshinzen remains still on the battlefield while the chaos of battle rages around him. If you are in the Center Stance, you add an additional +10 to your Armor TN.

RANK 2: Kakita’s Strength
The Kenshinzen can sense the moments between heartbeats, allowing him to strike at the exact moment needed. When making an Assessment or Focus roll as part of an Iaijutsu duel, your dice explode on a 9 as well as a 10.

Skills: Athletics 4, Battle 4, Courtier 2, Defense 5, Etiquette
3, Horsemanship 3, Iaijutsu (Focus) 7, Investigation
5, Kenjutsu (Katana) 7, Knives 2, Kyujutsu 3, Lore:
Bushido 4, Meditation 2, Sincerity (Honesty) 3

Kata: Striking as Void

Advantages: Great Potential (Iaijutsu), Quick, Social Position
(Emerald Champion)

Disadvantages: Can’t Lie, Infamous (Illegitimate Child),
Sworn Enemy (Dairya)


Seppun Toshiken

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