Isawa Shan Zhi


Air 2 Earth 3 Fire 2 Water 2 Void 2
Reflexes 3 Agility 3

Armor TN: 23 Reduction: 1

Attack: 6k3 Damage: 6k2 (katana)
Initiative: 4k3

Honor/Glory/Status: 4.1/1.2/1.1

Skills: Animal Handling 2, Athletics 2, Engineering 1,
Horsemanship 1, Hunting 2, Kenjutsu (Katana) 3,
Kyujutsu 1, Lore: Shadowlands 2, Stealth (Sneaking) 3

Advantages/Disadvantages: Dangerous Beauty, Blissful Betrothal (Isawa Shizu),
Different School/Driven (marry outside the Unicorn)

School/Rank: Hiruma Bushi 1
School Abilities:
Torch’s Flame Flickers: +1k0 to attack rolls in Attack Stance; double length of time that rations and jade last for number of people equal to Hunting.


Isawa Shan Zhi

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