*Insight 218

Air 4

  • Reflexes 4
  • Awareness 4

Earth 3

  • Stamina
  • Willpower

Fire 3

  • Agility
  • Intelligence

Water 2

  • Strength
  • Perception

Void 4

Honor 5.4
Glory 5.9
Infamy 1.5
Status 0
XP: 100
Taint 0

Xp 9

Ronin Duelist
Rank 1: The Wind Technique
Speed is necessary for a ronin duelist to survive. You add twice your Awareness to the total of all Initiative rolls.

Rank 2: Taking the Measure
An opponent who is understood is an opponent who is already defeated. You gain a +2k1 bonus to your Assessment rolls in an iaijutsu duel.

Rank 3: Strike Like Wind
Center Stance, melee attacks with Samurai keyword weapons as a Simple Action instead of as a Complex action.

Rank 3: Sun’s Light Reveals
The Seppun’s dedication now allows him to see through all manner of deceptions, even magical ones. At any time you may choose to spend a Void point as a Free Action to roll Investigation (Notice) / Perception at TN 25. With a success, you immediately see through all disguises and illusions around you, whether normal or magical in nature. If you are in the presence of the Emperor, his immediate family, or a major Imperial Official (Chancellor, Shogun, etc) you do not need to spend a Void Point to activate this Technique. Once you have pierced a specific disguise/illusion, it no longer has any effect on you (although a new disguise or illusion you encounter later will function normally).

Rank 4: Testing the Measure
As a ronin learns to understand his foes, he gains a greater appreciation of how to exploit their weaknesses. When you are in an iaijutsu duel, each Raise you call on your Assessment Roll increases the TN of your roll by +3 instead of +5. You gain a +1k0 bonus to your Strike roll in an Iaijutsu duel for each piece of information you learn about your opponent during the Assessment phase.

Defense 1
Hunting 1
Iaijustsu 6 ( assessment, focus, strike)
Kenjutsu 6
Etiquette 3 (3)
Courtier 3 (3)
Meditation 3
Perform Flute 3 (oratory)
Juijutsu 3
Lore (shintaio) 4 (
Lore Bushido 3 (3)
Artisan Origami 3
Investigation 3
Kyujutsu 2
Sincerity 2

Absolute Direction 1
Inner Gift – Foresight 7
hero of the people 2
Member of the Empress Court
Forbidden knowledge Ivindii

Blind 6
Social Disadvantage 3
Infamous 2
Sworn Enemy 3
Sworn Enemy 8 Hantei Okucheo

Eyes of the Mountain
To the Last Breath – give void point

Fire Katan 4k3 + fire damage equal to honor.
Can cast Fires from WIthin as a rank 4 shugenja with fire = +1 fire ring.
Extra 2k2 – tainted or honor 2 or less.

My family member defeated a clan in a duel, they have not forgotten

flint and tinder
small knife
small tent
Walking Stick
Katana kit
Wide-brimmed straw hat
fishing pole
Tatami Mat
Traveling Cloak
Snow Shoes
smoking pipe
Hiroshi’s Journal
drawing from Saru – +5 to resist fear
origami crane seppuyn Toshiken
Crystal Dagger
Really nice Flute

Yogo Tobusa- rank 1 ally – go player. rank 1 devotion ,rank 3 ally
Byushi Yojiri Influence 4 devotion 1

I prevailed at Kaimetsu-uo Seido! gain free raise on Mantis social rolls.

Obligation to Toku Chorohime
Doji Menechan as ally
Tsuruchi 2 devotion 4 influence as ally
favor from the Dragon Clan
Favor from the Lion Clan x2
Favor from the Monkey Clan
favor from crane clan
favor from Seppun Tosheiken
Favor From Mantis
Favor From imperial Family



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