Doji Kiten

Crane Courtier


Exp Earned: 122
Exp Spent: 122
Exp Unspent: 0

Rings: 140
Skills: 35
Total: 175

Rings and Traits
AIR – 3
Awareness – 4
FIRE – 3
VOID – 3



Soul of Artisan

Magatama (fetish) 2k0 to one high skill once a day

Expensive Kmiono

Sepune toshkien rank 3 ally

Doji minichan 2

Ichiro Rinko 2

akado wareight 1

Toko Chorohime 1
favor from the Akodo family.
favor from the lion clan
Favor from the imperial herald
Favor from the monkey clan
Touch of Destin
Favor from crain clan

1 rank of inifmie

Bad Fortune: Secret Love
Bitter Betrothal
Sworn Enemy (Kharmic Enemy)

School Skills
Arisan: Painting – 3
Calligraphy – 1
Courtier (Manipulation) – 4
Etiquette (Courtesy) – 3
Perform: Storytelling – 1
Sincerity – 2
Tea Ceremony – 2

Other Skills
Battle – 1
Games: Letters – 1
Investigation – 2
Kenjutsu – 1
Kyujutsu – 1
Lore: Crane – 2
Lore: Heraldry – 2
Lore: History – 1
Meditation – 1
Battle -2
Defense -2
Kenjutsu -1
Iaijutsu – 1

other stats

Glory 5.3
Status 1.2
_ Shadowlands Taint 0_


  • Healthy 10
  • Nicked 14
  • Grazed 18
  • Hurt 22
  • Injured 26
  • Crippled 30
  • Down 34
    Out 38

Initiative 2
Armor Tn 25

Extravagent clothing
War fan
Calligraphy set
Travling pack

5 koku

Cap, Courter’saved
Fan Courtiers
Make up kit
Obi Pouch
Perfume 20
Snow shoes
Travling Cloke

Tea set
Personal seal
Daisho Stand
Small painting
Pet song bird
Pet Cat
Travling pack
Bottle ofsake
Bottle of water
Lcky Criket
Pet Dog
Ink brush kit
Make up kit


The fetish he got was a magatama what it looks like magatama.jpg

  1. What Clan Does your Character belong to? Crane
  2. What Family Does your Character belong to? Doji
  3. Is your character a Bushi a Shugenja or a Courtier? Courtier
  4. How would others Describe your character’s appearance? The most striking thing is his platinum blond hair and his green eyes.
  5. What is your character’s primary motivation? Learning
  6. WHo is the person your character trust the most? His best friend a Phoenix Shunjia Shiba Toma
  7. What is your character’s Greatest Strength and Weakness? HIs quick wit and way with words. HIs over confidence in his character
  8. What does your character think of Bushido? It is the only way for Samurai
  9. What is your character’s opinion of his clan? He thinks the Crane are one of the best clans but do care too much about their history
  10. Is your character Married? NO He’s betrothed and hates it
  11. Does Your character have any prejudices? Against Mantis and Unicorn
  12. To Whom Does your character owe the most loyalty? HIs sensei and father
  13. What are your character’s Favorite and least favorite things? He loves Sushi wrapped in seaweed. HE hates WInter
  14. Does your character Have any recurring Mannerisms? HE plays with the magatama around his neck.
  15. What about your Character’s emotions (what emotion is your character likely display with circumstances arise) He’s normally very well at holding his emotions in but when surprises happen he is quick to show his shock and anger. During duelist he also grips his magatama as his nerves get the best of him since he rather not people die especially people he likes.
  16. How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior? For a minor breach of etiquette he would over look it in public and confront him afterwards to fix it for a Major he on the spot would call for Seppuku
  17. How would your Character’s Parent describe him? HIs father who was his sensei would say that he would still be to new at his lessons while his mother would be disappointed he wasn’t a bushi
  18. What is your character’s highest ambition? To go to the Emperor’s Court
  19. How religious is your character? He is pretty religious but not as much as a shugenja or a monk
  20. How will your character die? How he would like to die is of old age but in all likelihood he would have a higher chance to have to commit seppuku for pissing off someone or after a duel goes bad for him

Other questions)

  1. Does your character have an ultimate goal and if so what is it? GO to a winter court that the Emperor is in
  2. What is your character’s secret and what will happen if it’s discovered? He doesn’t really have any secrets besides that he isn’t as confident in his ability that he thought he has and not really much.
  3. What does your character think of the political climate in Rokugan? It’s a whirlwind of fun he loves it he can thrive in it
  4. What does your character do to relax? Paint
  5. If your character were given a Koku, How would he spend it? Buying paint supplies and # enjoying some nice sushi
  6. Does your character have a stereotypical view of the lower classes? Not really because of the Crane’s view of compassion it has stuck with him he will even give presents and Ronin the same views of someone his status
  7. What are the name of your character’s parents and siblings and what do they do? Doji Yu The senesi of the Doji Courtier school and Doji Yuki who was a scorpion bushi he has 3 other siblings who are younger than him
  8. What reward would your character most wish to receive? He saw an Obi of lady Doji and he would love to have given that as a reward
  9. What do your character’s Katana and saya look like? He dosen’t have a Katana that goes with him but his wakizashi is finely made and the saya has flowers looking as if it was # blowing in the wind
  10. Does your character rever the Tao of Shinsei or the Fortunes more? THe Fortunes
  11. What is your character’s most sacred possession? His magatama around his neck
  12. Who is your character’s closet friend Shiba Toma
  13. What does your character love fear and hate?
    Love: Sushi wrapped with seaweed. Spring time and Painting
    Fear: Being caught in a fight he uses words not swords
    Hate: Winter and Unicorn cooking
  14. How does your character feel about each of the Great Clans?
    Crab: While they are normally Brutes they deserve respect for what they do
    Crane: are one of the best clans but do care too much about their history
    Dragon: While he knows little about them he understands their desire to learn and reflect on the universe
    Lion: Hard Headed individuals who need to understand that the direct path isn’t always the best
    Mantis: They are worst then ronin when it comes down to money
    Phoenix: Powerful Shugenja are there as well as some of the best protectors
    Scorpion: He understands the need of doing things without honor and treats the Scorpion with respect to this dismay of his father
    Unicorn: Odd people with odd taste
  15. How does your character feel about different professions in the Celestial order?
    Kuge (nobility) Emperor and such: He believes that everything they say is gifted by the kami and fortunes
    Buke (those who serve): He feels like they need to give everything they can to follows the will of those above him
    Bonge (common folk) He on one hand feels they are lucky when they start a job they will never have to really change it they are the lifeblood of the empire in truth without them no one would eat. On the other hand he pities them for the fact that if a lord doesn’t like them they could be killed
    Monk: They deserve respect for trying to enlighten everyone no matter the cast
    Ronin: HE feels sorry about those who have no master what it must be like in life with no real direction
  16. Who is your character’s Ideal mate? A woman who is a Phoenix,Scorpion or Unicorn
  17. How does your character reacts to minor impurities or irreverence in others? He ignores it
  18. Has your character ever been exposed to maho or other major blasphemies? No
  19. What advice would you give your character? Stop seeing people as just Shoi pieces to move around a board
  20. Who would be your character’s Ultimate enemy? Yourtomo Yukiko a courtier from the Mantis clan


Shiba Toma a phoenix Shugenja
Ide Kenshin a Unicorn Bushi
Bayushi Hayato a Scorpion Courtier that is his cousin

Yourtoma Yukiko Karmic Nemesis a Mantis Courtier
Matsu Yuma: Lion Bushi
Kakita Sora: Crane Shugenja

Doji Kiten was about 5 years old when his father would take him to courts to sit in on to learn everything as soon as possible about being a courtier. During that time he would meet two other courtiers in training a scorpion Bayushi Hayato who he became fast friends with and someone he couldn’t stand Yourtomo Yukiko hell it was so bad it seems like the kami themselves made them enemies. As he got older and better in the way the Crane does battle with words he accidently insulted a Crane shugenja Kakita Sora who never forgave him and to this day didn’t give him any information about kami when asked unless ordered to by a higher samurai but thankfully on a trip with his father he met Shiba Toma who became one of his quickest friends since Kiten helped him out of a jam by talking to his superior which actually made Kiten’s father proud of him. For his last winter court before his gempukku he met Matsu Yuma and Ide Kenshin who were arguing about the right way to treat peasants Kiten trying to break up the argument which got a bit of a notice ended up accidentally agreeing with Ide and not Matsu and since then Ide had called him a friend.

Doji Kiten

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