Akodo Ginawa

Akodo Family Daimyo, The Ronin Daimyo


School/Rank Akodo Bushi / 5
Claws of the Wolf (Insight Rank 6)

Honor 4.5
Status 7.0
Glory 9.0

Air 4 Earth 5 Fire 5 Water 5 Void 5
Reflexes 5 Agility 6 Strength 6

Forbidden Knowledge (Lying Darkness)
Heart of Vengeance (Lying Darkness)
Social Position (Akodo Daimyo)
Strength of the Earth

Compulsion: Sake
Driven (defeat the Lying Darkness)

Battle (Mass Combat) 7
Defense 3
Etiquette 1
Hunting (Tracking) 4
Iaijutsu 5
Investigation (Search) 4
Jiujutsu 6
Kenjutsu (Katana) 7
Kyujutsu 5
Lore: History 2
Lore: Shintao 4
Lore: the Lying Darkness 5
Perform: Storytelling 3
Sincerity 2
Stealth (Shadowing) 2
War Fans 4

Rank 1: The Way of the Lion
Bushi of the Akodo School hone their fury until it is as precise as a blade. You may either ignore the portion of an opponent’s Armor TN derived from Armor, or gain a Free Raise when attacking. (You do not ignore Reduction from the Armor when choosing the first option.) Also, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls on your first melee attack against an opponent in a skirmish, or against any opponent who has declared a Raise on an attack against you since your last turn. You add only a total of 1k0 for an enemy who Raises against you, no matter how many times they actually Raised.

Rank 2: Strength of Purity
Akodo-trained warriors are known for their dedication to bushido, and take a fierce satisfaction in defeating dishonorable foes. During a skirmish you may add your Honor Rank to the total of any single roll during your Turn. You may not increase damage rolls in this fashion, nor can you do this while assuming the Center Stance.

Rank 3: Strength of My Ancestors
The Akodo bushi attacks twice, once for himself and once for his ancestor. You may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while using weapons with the Samurai keyword.

Rank 4: Triumph Before Battle
No foe is beyond the reach of the devoted Lion warrior. Once per skirmish, you may designate an opponent during the Reactions Stage. You may ignore any Armor TN bonuses your target receives from his Stance during the next Round.

Rank 5: Akodo’s Final Lesson
Mastery of the Akodo Bushi School imparts an unshakable faith in victory. When you make Raises on any Bugei Skill Roll, if you meet or exceed the original TN (before Raises) but fail to meet the Raised TN, you still succeed without the benefits of Raises.

Hunting the Darkness – The Claws of the Wolf ruthlessly punish all who violate Imperial law. You gain a bonus of +2k2 to the total of your first attack roll in a skirmish if the opponent you are attacking is an individual you know without question is guilty of a violation of Imperial law.


The story of Akodo Ginawa is one well known across the entirety of the Empire. Made ronin and one of the first to follow Toturi the Black, Ginawa was eventually rewarded for his loyalty with the position of Daimyo over the newly renamed Akodo family. He recently led his clan to a great victory over the Unicorn at the Battle of Firefly River. Ginawa once carried the infamous Bloodsword Revenge, but has given it to the Phoenix clan for safekeeping, stating he no longer needed to wield a sword of steel. The Akodo would be his sword, and he would forge them, shape them, and temper them. They were his true soul.

Akodo Ginawa

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