The Way

Spirit of Bushido 10 - Hidden from the Empire

“There is no greater strength, no greater resource, than those who share your bloodline.” – Leadership

Month of Akodo, 1138 (Early Summer) – A direct command from the Emperor will have repercussions throughout the Empire.

+6 XP
All PCs lose -1 point of Glory for inactivity.
All PCs lose -2 Honor for disguising themselves.
All PCs gain +4 Honor for obeying orders from the Emperor.
Hiroshi loses -2 Honor for using a Low Skill.
Hiroshi gains +4 Honor for obeying an order despite personal misgivings.
All PCs gain +4 Honor for giving a truthful report at personal expense.
All PCs gain a favor from the Akodo family.


Clorp DarkLordOfJello

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